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Barrel Fitting Services

Douglas Barrels will fit barrels to SUITABLE bolt actions.

Price for this service is $520.00 plus postage. Douglas Barrels will Rockwell check your action and if found not suitable, advise you before starting work.  Actions must test above Rockwell C20. Douglas Barrels will supply you with a barrel of your choice of size from our standard shapes FWT through Benchrester. The barrel will be of our chrome moly air gaged, premium quality.  Actions will be trued, barrel will be fit and headspace. Every effort will be made to insure the highest quality, material, and workmanship. 


Barrels will be supplied in the white - NO BLUING. All barrels fit in our shop will be branded with caliber, G.R. DOUGLAS and XX premium grade stamp.  Stainless $75 extra.

Should your action require that the bolt face be opened to accept magnum head diameter cartridges, there will be an addi­tional $60.00 charge. DOUGLAS BARRELS DO NOT INSTALL SIGHTS OR MAKE ALTERATIONS TO THE MAGAZINE to insure the cartridge feeding. This is your responsibility.

We cannot guarantee we will not scratch the blue on your action. Every effort is made to prevent this, but it sometimes happens.

                                                        Cleaning Instructions

Run 2 or 3 wet patches with a good bore cleaner through the barrel.  Then use a brass brush and wet patch again.  When sighting in, shoot 5, clean 5 for 20 rounds.  Always leave a coating of oil in bore when you are finished shooting to prevent rust. The barrel should be thoroughly dried before shooting.  If Sweets is used, do not leave in barrel more than 5 minutes.  Do not mix Sweets with any other cleaner.

Do not use stainless steel brushes or abrasive cleaners in barrel.

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